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Dear guests!

We look forward to welcoming you to our family-run hotel and restaurant. We freshly prepare all dishes and use regional and seasonal products, if possible. This menu contains a selection of the dishes that we offer. Our chef also often discovers special ingredients that he wants to prepare or tries out novel dishes. We recommend these in addition to the menu. We hope you enjoy your meal and have a pleasant stay at our hotel.

Sincerely, the Stichweh-Lange family




Mushroom with Croutons
€ 4,50




Mixed salade

with chicken breast, and Parmesan
€ 9,00

Mixed Salad

with Beefstripes, pineapple and nuts

€ 11,00


(all Salads in smaller portions minus € 1,50)




Homemade 250 g Cheeseburger

with BBQ Sauce, onions and Bacon

French fries and salad

€ 12,50



with red cabbage and cranberris

Frech Fries and salad

€ 13,50



Main Dishes


Cheese Spaetzle (vegetarian)

with roasted onions and salad

€ 9,50


2 Vension Sausages (regional)

with Cranberriesauce

Spaetle and salad

€ 13,00


Steak of Salmon

with mushrooms, Tomatoes and spinat

Fresh Pasta and creamy sauce

€ 14,50


Schnitzel from Pork

topped with fried eggs

Fried potatoes und salade
€ 13,50


Schnitzel from pork

with mountain cheese and onion panade

French Fries and salad

€ 13,00


Entrecote (250 g) with herbbutter

€ 18,50

with herbbutter and roasted onions

€ 19,50

with Sauce Bernaise

€ 20,00


all Entrecótes will be served with

French Fries and green beans or salad



Small Dishes


Curry Sausage

with French fries

€ 6,50


Tarte Flambé

with bacon and onoins

€ 7,00

Tarte Flambé

with goat cheese, honey and walnuts
€ 8,00

Tarte Flambé "Vegetarian Style"

with spinate, Champignons and Cheese

€ 7,00

Dumplings filled with spinat and ricotta cheese

with ruccola and parmesan

fruity tomatoesauce

€ 8,50



Fried potatoes with bacon

topped with fried eggs and salade

€ 7,50


Bread with bacon or salami

topped with fried eggs


€ 7,00





Königpilsener (0,3 l)                      2520
Königpilsener (0,4 l)                      3,20
diverse Erdinger Weizenbier (0,5 l)     3,80    
König alkoholfrei (0,33 l)                2,50


Wine (0,2 l)

Riesling, halbtrocken                           4,50
Pinot Grigio, trocken                           4,50
Weißherbst, Pfalz, lieblich                  4,50
Nero d´Avola , Italien, trocken              5,00
Trollinger mit Lemberger, halbtrocken   4,50
Weinschorle                                      3,50


Alcoholfree drinks

    Wasser (0,25 l)                              1,70
    Cola, Fanta (0,2 l)                          1,70
    Juices                                           1,80
    Bitter Lemon, Tonic Water              1,80



Fürst Bismarck           38 Vol%           1,50
Malteser Aquavit        40 Vol%            2,00
Linie Aquavit            41,5 Vol%            2,20
Fernet Branca             42 Vol%            2,00
Lockstedter                45 Vol%            2,20
Grappa                       40 Vol%            2,50
Dverse Obstbrände     42 Vol%            2,00



Tasse Kaffee                             1,70
Cappuccino                              2,50
Espresso                                 1,70
Latte Machiato                          2,80

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